Writing Young Adult: a contemplation

For more than two years, I’ve wanted to write children’s stories. My wife loves when I tell stories. Actually, she requests them. Can’t believe she loves MY stories. It’s just that most nights she’s kind of stuck with only what I can produce. And, since I can’t seem to break certain chains of my past, I can’t TELL a story off the cuff. I have to write them. But I can’t. Or couldn’t.

It’s not for trying and not for putting off writing altogether. No.

Every time I started to write a children’s story, it went dark enough to give Robert Cormier night terrors. When they didn’t go all macabre, the stories fell flat and were never finished. I’ve started stories that had Chocolate Elephants that came to life and talking smoke detectors. All dropped off before taking flight.

I just didn’t think it possible to write such happy, fluffy stories. They felt wrong. And I felt I was forcing something that just did not want to be written. And you all know what I think about writer’s block and the like. I punch it in the throat!

But children’s stories just gave me wedgies and sent me home crying. Both me and my wife have spent the previous two years disappointed about this. For differing reasons, to be sure.

Today, however, may have broken that trend.

That’s right, folks. Yours truly has ventured into the world of Young Adult. Granted, it’s not children’s stories, but it’s not far off. And it’s a far cry from the sick and twisted cancerous masses I’ve written thus far. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not leaving my true self behind. Think of this as a growth spurt of sorts. I’m growing as a writer, a storyteller, and a person. (What a wanker sort of comment, but there it is)

That’s OK. I sullied my manliness many a moon ago.

1200 words in, my first Young Adult novel is taking hold. And, so far, I think it has serious potential. What’s more, I’m branching out further still, as this will also be my first fantasy novel, or fantasy story of any sort for that matter.

There’s tiny people, foreign lands, giant lizards, gods, spirits, and names I made up.

Better strap seat belts on your eyes, folks. They’re about to be taken on the ride of their lives!

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