You Gotta Help Me Help You…

Four straight days struggling to buy a used car from dealers is like trying to figure out which movie to rent at Hastings by asking an employee how much the new releases are rather than the older titles. Then, the ONLY response that employee gives is: “Well, how much were you looking to pay? I mean, that’s what really matters right? You gotta help me help you! I’m here to help you. I don’t care if you buy anything here today or not. I just want you to be happy.”

Of course, you have to say SOMETHING. So what do you say? I tried “How much for THIS CAR I’M POINTING AT???” His response? “Let me go talk to my manager.” Seriously?????

Today, was the final straw. I stopped by a used dealer I saw a very specific car I wanted to price. To minimize the chances of being molested before I got up to the car to look to see if it was automatic or standard transmission, I parked on a side street. Then the craziest thing happened.

Before I exited my car, and I mean literally BEFORE I got my second foot out of my car on a public street, a woman accosted me asking “Are you looking for something specific?” Rather than explain what I was there for, I simply closed my car door and left.

Needing a reminder that humanity isn’t dead, I tried craigslist. It’s cheaper and I was certain I could find something that someone just had to sell. I found several cars. A few calls later and we checked out a few cars. No harm right? No pushy salesmen. No bullshit. Just two people talking business. Right?

Not a chance.

Each Craigslist seller owned their car for ONE MONTH. Truthfully. A single month. All of them. The cars appeared fine and all. But a month???? Craigslist has apparently turned into the world of car flipping. I wonder if there’ll be a car bubble that’ll crash a few years.

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