That’s right!

My novel, Among Others, which I entered in’s Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, has made it to the Quarterfinals. That means my novel has made it through the whittling down from 5000 fiction novels to 250 novels. WOW!
Based on pitch and excerpt, Among Others is in the top 5% of the entrants. But there’s more…
Not only does my book move to the next level in the contest. I also received professional reviews of my excerpt (aka my first two chapters). Wanna know what they said? Well, too bad. I’m going to share them with you anyway!
Click here for pdf version of the two reviews I speak of. 
I would have been happy with terrible reviews. Truthfully! I would be almost as happy as I am right now if they both said they wanted their 15 minutes of reading time back and that I need to quite writing and stop wasting everyone’s time. Two important people read my excerpt and thought my story was good so far. 
My friend Michael Tyburski once said to me that when getting reviews of the plays he starred in, if you get one shout out, a single solitary shout out in the play that is NEUTRAL, just neutral, you’ve succeeded. If you get more than that, you have to go buy a bigger hat to fit that giant head and inflated ego.