Faded Love: A Poem

Faded Love

A decade of marriage later
I can’t help but think our love faded.
Our vows feel so far behind us,
like a black and white movie reel
sputtering a young love of long ago.

If asked, neither of us can remember
how long we’ve been married,
how long we’ve been together,
without counting fingers, looking at the wall.

The other day I found myself
staring at a different, more refined woman.
Watching her bright eyes and inviting
smile – daring me to take her home.

The soft bounce of her hair
matching the luscious
movements of her curves.
A shiver bubbled up from
somewhere deep inside.

And I realized…
I get to take that woman home
and hold her till our arms are numb.
Because our love has faded,
faded into a something deeper, stronger.

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