It’s true. I’ve turned to the dark side of writing. The epitome of writing that will never get read, never get recognition, and never make me money. It all started during my stint at the Southwest Book Fiesta here in Albuquerque. I went to a bunch of writing workshops. Many of which had us doing creativity exercises.

One particular one, the one I will share this evening, was based on a writing prompt of: write either a grocery list or a recipe; try to tell a story while writing it. There are no other rules…you have 5 minutes.

So, without further hesitation, here is my first poem ever, entitled “Grocery List”


–paper plates
–quart of milk: 2%
–semi-sweet chocolate chips: can’t get this one wrong
–cupcake papers: but not the paper ones
–light brown sugar: better get the name brand this time
–butter: get margarine again and there’ll be trouble
–frosting: your choice–it’s your birthday