I’m Published! I’m Officially an AUTHOR

You (and I) thought it would never happen. But I promised myself that, by year’s end, I would be published somewhere, somehow. That day is today. That place is Black Mirror Magazine.

You’ll have to wait until December to read the stories and see my name in digital gold lettering, but my author bio no longer says “currently unpublished.” It now reads “two published short stories in Black Mirror Magazine.”

I love that I’m published, but that’s not even the best part.

The best part is two fold:

1. I got to email another magazine to tell them I had to pull my story from their queue. It was so cool to be able to say, sorry I GOTS me a publication.

2. I’m not longer a writer. I’m an AUTHOR!


  1. Robin Kalinich

    Congrats! Next stop? NYT bestseller list!

  2. Diane E-P

    Excellence, Rene!

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