Inspiration for this came from a song. Now I can’t remember which one. Think it was a Depeche Mode song I heard on the radio that brought it on.

Martyr: A Poem

I walk into the room.
It goes dark before my mouth opens,
before the world collapses
around everyone inside.

I walked into her life,
alone, lost, ashamed
of who I was or thought I was.
My voice didn’t matter.

Now my voice is heard.
I hold my head up high.
I take one the world with biting accuracy.
The world belongs to me.

But at what cost?

She makes me so happy,
but I make her so miserable.
As she lays beside me I realize,
how much I love my beautiful martyr.

NOTICE: The image is not mine. It is a famous painting: The Martyr of the Solway by Millais. But I thought it was was gorgeous and so fitting.