This poem is based on encouragement from one Robin Kalinich who is participating in the National Poetry Month challenge. The challenge as to ask people to answer 5 questions and put together a poem based on those answers.

The questions:

1. Describe happiness.
2. How do you recognize true love?
3. What do you fear?
4. Do you always finish every book you begin? Why or why not?
5. List your three favorite words.


Lost in fear, moisture in her breath hanging in the air,
She shivers.
So quiet she can hear the snow patter the ground.
Her heart slows.
His spirit lurks just around the corner,
Her heart quickens.

He will never do that again, not to her,
Not to nobody.
She did not like how her story was ending,
So it’s rewritten.
As his cold embrace leaves into a world beyond,
Her heart quickens.
He hangs from the windowsill she stared out for years.
Her heart slows.